Language assessment

Is this the first time you are taking a Dutch course at Babel? Then you may need to do a placement test and/or to have an intake interview with a teacher, depending on your answers to the questions below.

Are you entitled to a student loan from the DUO (Educational Administration Service) to help pay for your Dutch course? This page gives more information about registering for a course with a DUO student loan.

Step 1

Fields with * are obligatory.

1. Have you successfully completed a Dutch course at Babel in the previous 12 months?*

2. Will DUO pay for your course at Babel?* (only for refugees)

Explanation: Refugees in the Netherlands can obtain a loan from the DUO to pay for their language course. More information can be found at Registration for a course at Babel can only take place when you can provide a confirmation letter from DUO which states that you will receive a loan.

3. Would you like to register for a Beginners (A) course?*